92911 restaurant tnonnetje1

EXCEPTIONAL: 't Nonnetje ★★

Restaurant 't Nonnetje in Harderwijk is a cozy intimate restaurant. There is a accessible chic atmosphere. This combined with the hospitality makes 't Nonnetje a restaurant where you feel at home.

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90927 ratatouille food and wine

STAR: Ratatouille ★

Welcome to restaurant Ratatouille Food & Wine in Haarlem with the modern French cuisine in the new reality of today.

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85765 restaurant deburgemeesterlinschoten

MUST GO: De Burgemeester ★

In a small place called Linschoten, in the middle of the 'Green Heart', lays restaurant de Burgemeester which is housed in an old town hall. The kitchen team is focused on delivering the best quality and listening to what their customers want.

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89821 restaurant ivy

AMAZING: FG Restaurant ★★

Being curious about the next course, over and over again. Food that brings back long forgotten memories but also creates new, unforgettable sensations. Food that is enjoyed together, connects people.

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93241 graham s kitchen

POPULAR: Graham's Kitchen

There will be cooked with flavor in the lead and you will be spoiled with exciting combinations of pure ingredients.

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77047 restaurant denieuwepolderkeuken

SUPER: De Nieuwe Polderkeuken

Taste the polder! West Holland exists, with exception of the dunes, out of polder. Get a free extra 6th course!

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96603 parc broekhuizen restaurant voltaire by jacob jan boerma

TIP: Voltaire - Jacob Jan Boerma

Voltaire restaurant offers a modern world kitchen where seasonal products and local ingredients are served.

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What is Dining with the Stars?

Enjoy a 4-course lunch for only € 44,50 and a 5-course dinner for only € 59,50 at the selected Michelin star restaurants. Book your table now!

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